Assessing the suitability of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for data collection

The research project intends to test various aspects of data collection using a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) in order to assess the suitability for small sites (~1 ha). Ideal conditions for UAV based mapping will be determined and compared to other traditional methods. To identify suitable conditions, the relationship between accuracy and several factors (the flying height, observational angle) will be assessed as well as limitations such as the effect of wind and distance to target. Various software will be utilized to address the accuracy of image stitching. Outcomes from the experiments will inform the partner organization (JD Barnes) of expectations and variability of the suitability of UAV mapping for small projects. In addition, the results will provide ideal parameters and best practices for data collection. The proposed research project assists JD Barnes in developing a strong working relationship with York University and the intern while building the foundation for future mapping work in more remote environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tarmo Remmel


Emma Gunn


J.D. Barnes Ltd.


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Natural resources


York University



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