Bacteriophage Endolysin Proteins Development

In response to the antimicrobial resistance crisis, several nations (including Canada, U.S., and Europe) have drastically limited the use of medically important antibiotics for livestock production. As a result, alternative methods must be explored for disease prevention and treatment in animals from bacterial infections. The intern will explore the effects of using toxic proteins that destroy bacteria derived from viruses that only infect and kill bacteria as a plausible alternative. The benefit of this research to Cytophage Technologies Inc. is the development of a procedure that can be used to test the ‘kill activity’ of future proteins against the growth of bacteria. In addition, if a protein is found that is of high interest (kills different types of bacteria), it can potentially be used to help fight off bacterial infections in livestock anima

Faculty Supervisor:

Deborah Court


Klara Wang


Cytophage Technologies




Life sciences


University of Manitoba



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