Basin Analysis and Uranium Exploration in the Paleoproterozoic Roraima Basin, Guyana

The proposed research focuses on innovative exploration methods for high-grade uranium deposits in Guyana, where there are positive indications for uranium mineralization, but relatively little is known about the grade or extent of the mineralization. Specifically, the proposed research will integrate several geological disciplines that allow the evaluation of critical factors required to produce high-grade uranium mineralization. Collaborative research will allow our industry partner to explore these prospective areas with finer resolution, and at a reduced cost relative to traditional exploration methods, ideally resulting in reduced time and expenditures to make a uranium discovery. Additionally, industry collaboration will provide the opportunity for the proposed fellow to gain practical exploration knowledge from experienced uranium industry geologists.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kurt Kyser


Steve Beyer


Raven Minerals Corporation


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Mining and quarrying


Queen's University



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