Breaking the Barriers to Socially Conscious Business in Edmonton

Breaking Barriers to Social Conscious Business in Edmonton is a research project that aims to help the business community in the Edmonton downtown core and beyond better serve their community through socially-conscious business practices by shedding light on what barriers and facilitators business owners face in adopting socially conscious business practices in their day-to-day operations. In partnership with and learning from The Nook Cafe – a local business that is facilitating positive change in their community by adopting socially conscious business practices – we aim to deliver an analysis of and recommendations for how local businesses can make positive changes in their community and how Edmonton as a whole can celebrate the efforts of businesses like The Nook Cafe to accelerate adoption of socially conscious business practices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sven Anders


Kareema Batal


Nook Cafe


Visual arts


Management of companies and enterprises




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