Cannabis used for medical purposes by children in Canada

Cannabis products are being used for a variety of conditions. In Canada, there are no cannabis products approved for use in children. Without evidence from clinical trials doctors are hesitant to recommend cannabis products for children. In order for doctors to feel confident in advising parents on medical cannabis they need better information on if these products work, how to dose them and long-term safety. Our national collaboration between parents, doctors, researchers, industry and policy makers will study the use of medical cannabis in children. We will review the literature and work with parents to identify knowledge gaps and priorities. As a supporter of this project, Canopy Health Innovations will contribute to important research and education that advances care and treatment options for paediatric patients. Our goal is to equip parents and doctors with the materials needed to make informed decisions about using medical cannabis in children.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lauren E Kelly;Geert't Jong


Arun Paul


10607410 Canada Inc (STAR/CHI)


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




University of Manitoba



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