Characterization and quantification of adsorbed antigens in adjuvanted vaccines

Vaccines are one of the most important medical breakthroughs, proactively saving millions of lifes and reducing human morbidity. Yet there remains a need to make current vaccine formulations more effective and affordable, which requires testing and optimizing new formulations. In addition, there remains diseases for which there are no efficient vaccine. To develop and test new vaccines or vaccine formulations, Sanofi Pasteur and other manufacturers often rely on animal testing. However, Sanofi Pasteur is committed to reducing animal testing by developing alternate in vitro assays that support vaccine efficacy. This project will aim to develop a method that uses specialized equipment called ImageStream to quantify vaccine components without undertaking processes that destroy these components. If successful, we may be able to use this approach to quantify and examine the quality of vaccine components, while avoiding or reducing the number of animals needed to test this.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roberto Botelho


Christopher Choy


Sanofi Pasteur




Life sciences




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