Comparative assessment of NH3 production and utilization in transportation systems for Ontario

Alternative fuels and energy resources play a key role in both the short and long term sustainable development of transportation. Ammonia (NH3) is the only carbon-free chemical energy carrier (other than hydrogen) suitable for use as a transportation fuel. NH3 can be produced using either fossil fuels, or any renewable energy source, using heat and/or electricity. Comparative analysis related to ammonia production and ammonia based applications such as transportation options will be undertaken. A scenario analysis using “Life cycle assessment (LCA)” methodology will be conducted to investigate environmental performance of the ammonia production methods and ammonia based transportation systems and to compare the environmental impact results with conventional systems. Hydrofuel Inc. will have a detailed report for conventional and green ammonia production technologies and a comparative life cycle assessment of processes in addition to lowest cost electricity requiring methods determination and highest efficient usage of ammonia in transportation systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ibrahim Dincer


Yusuf Bicer


Hydrofuel Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy


Ontario Tech University



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