Comparative effectiveness, and network meta-analysis of pre-insulin oral hypoglycemic drugs in the treatment of type II diabetes

The proposed project is two-phased. The first phase involves a study that will use specialized research analysis techniques to compare the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs used to treat type II diabetes and to identify if a group of drugs are producing similar benefits in terms of controlling the disease. The applicant’s clinical and epidemiological background would bring value to our study design for this and future projects. The second phase involves economic cost modeling that will forecast financial implications of study findings. Redwood Outcomes has extensive expertise in economic cost modeling in-house, although it is not a service that we currently offer to clients. As the partner organization, Redwood would benefit from this project as test case for the expansion of our service offerings to include economic cost modeling to clients as a natural extension of current services. Mitacs management training would be valuable in grooming in-house research management capacity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michel Joffres


Chakrapani Balijepalli


Redwood Outcomes Health Consulting Inc.




Management of companies and enterprises


Simon Fraser University



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