Design of seismic force resistant cross-laminated-timber walls and interior partition walls – year 2

The structural use of timber in North America is largely limited to low-value commodity products used in low-rise residential light-frame construction. There exists, however, much greater potential for timber to be used as a structural material. One solution involves the notion of “mass-timber” such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels. The prospect of building larger timber structures creates challenges, one of them is that lateral forces created by wind and earthquakes increase. Two of the questions that arise are: 1) what is an efficient method for hold-downs for CLT panels? and 2) what are the failure modes that can develop in CLT using connections attached close to the edge. The main research objective is to develop rational, efficient and safe hold-down designs for CLT walls. For this purpose, existing and novel hold-down concepts will be systematically investigated, with a focus on their technological and economic feasibility.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Tannert


Johannes Schneider


Equilibrium Inc


Engineering - civil




University of British Columbia



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