Detailed Analysis of the forces acting on a high-speed full-scale elevator

The industry partner of this project has an elevator modernization project that includes increasing the current speeds of their elevators by more than 30%. However, increase in speed is usually associated with increase in aerodynamic and lateral forces on the elevator cars, which can negatively affect ride quality and noise levels. The objective of this study is to examine the forces involved, and determine if the speed increases are within the Elevator Modernization Specification provided by industry experts. The study will employ powerful computer software to analyze the airflow inside two-car and three-car elevator shafts, focusing on the forced-air flow in the shafts caused by the cars, as well as aerodynamic effects caused by cars traveling in opposite directions passing each other.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Agelin-Chaab


Abed Omran


Schindler Elevator Corporation


Engineering - mechanical


Construction and infrastructure




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