Determining Optimal Strategies to operate Not-For Profit Health Organizations

The goal of this project is to devise a strategy for improving the operations of Canadians for Health Research (CHR) to achieve long-term prosperity. CHR is a non-profit organization (NPO) and its mission is to provide Canadians with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of health research so that they may develop an informed perspective on a very complicated social issue. This extremely challenging task has major impacts upon its success or failure because public opinion votes to change government policies that shape the economics of our society. CHR is currently facing financial difficulties and wishes to reexamine its operating model. The intern will systematically analyze how CHR operates and summarize the current situation of the NPO. Appropriate to the current situation, the intern will provide a list of recommendations; each recommendation will be analyzed to determine the revenue it will generate upon its implementation over a course of time. The intern will outline practical timelines and prepare a comprehensive toolkit for CHR to realize these recommendations. Finally, recommendations will be supplemented by literature research and assembled in an academic article describing a general strategy that may be utilized by any NPO.

Faculty Supervisor:

Leslie Breitner


Jenny Long


Canadians For Health Research




Life sciences


McGill University



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