Developing a Carbon Strategy for Publicly Held Canadian Forest Products Company

The objectives are to determine to what extent a carbon strategy can add to the value of a publicly held Canadian forest products firm, what form that would take, and what conditions would be required to implement. The project will begin with an environmental scan of economic, technological, political]legal, and societal trends that are occurring in the broader context. The focus will then be turned to identify the opportunities available and the company's core competencies (strengths) to take advantage of these opportunities. The potential benefits and risks of various actions will then be quantified leading to recommendations. The expected benefits to the partner organization are increased knowledge in the organization with respect to global trends in carbon markets, ideas on how to leverage company knowledge, skills and abilities to profit from carbon projects under a cap and trade system, and a better understanding of the costs and benefits of being a forest industry world leader in carbon awareness and management

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Elizabeth Croft


Heungsik Brian Kim


Canadian Forest Products




Alternative energy


University of Northern British Columbia



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