Developing Additive Manufacturing Engineering Design and Analysis Tools for Machine Tool and Robotic Based Bead Deposition Systems

Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, has captured the public’s imagination, but it is not a ‘done in one’ process for metallic components, although this is the perception. It is a relatively new manufacturing process which is increasing its presence in the manufacturing domain. Advanced design and manufacturing software solutions need to be developed to leverage the process potentials for machine tool or robotic-based systems, which is the focus of this project. This research proposes to develop and validate specialty tool paths, collision detection solutions, and speciality verification modules for APlus (an additive manufacturing process planning solution that leverages the Mastercam CAD/CAM software). The build strategies influence the product quality – the geometry, as well as the resultant physical and mechanical properties. This research will provide innovative solutions to assist process planners in developing a desirable build strategy and to enhance the product quality for metal-based AM processes for complex components.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jill Urbanic;Ofelia A Jianu


Hamidreza Setare Kokab;Seyedeh Elnaz Mirazimzadeh;Mojtaba Moshtaghzadeh;Morteza Alebooyeh;Alireza Davoud Pasha;Hamed Kalami


CAMufacturing Solutions Inc


Engineering - mechanical



University of Windsor



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