Developing an on-line fluidization analysis probe

The main objective of this research is to develop an on-line fluidization analysis probe to be applied on a commercial fluidized bed. This project will focus on a combination of pressure differential and fiber optic reflection probes. Key objectives will be to establish a lab probe with dual fiberoptic and high frequency pressure readings.  Emphasis will be on establishing signal analysis for both fiber optics and pressure and then use the combined probe in a lab environment. The Chemical Reactor Engineering Centre-University of Western Ontario is selected as most suitable for this development given its fluidized bed facilities and highly performing CREC Optiprobes.  This project is highly relevant to the industrial partner, Reactech Process Development Inc. who provides development guidance and process improvement assistance to chemical companies in the clean technology area, specifically in the technologies of fluidization and reaction engineering. They have confirmed a strong interest for such a probe to be used as part of their process improvement services and eventually to become a product in their own right to be incorporated as standard control instrumentation for fluid bed gasification and combustion units to improve their controllability, efficiency and reduce emissions.

Faculty Supervisor:

D.r Hugo de Lasa


Alireza Abbasi


Reatech Process Development Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




Western University



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