Developing Integrated Smart Home Controllers with Energy-Efficient HVAC Operation

AYO Smart Home is an integrator of new technologies to provide affordable and energy-efficient housing for First Nations communities across Canada. AYO manages the technology and supply chain to deliver Net-Zero houses consisting of efficient building envelopes, heat recovery systems, energy-efficient HVAC, LED lighting, mold-resistant materials, and smart home controllers. After developing an energy-efficient HVAC system under a previous Mitacs project and successfully testing it in a pilot construction, AYO intends to move to the next level.It is proposed in this project to develop a smart home control system integrated as an inherent component of AYO houses. The smart home controller will provide high-technology access to the variety of the home systems including HVAC, lighting, sensor data, and solar generation. The most important component of the smart home controller is the the energy-efficient operation of HVAC.The post-doctoral fellow has 5 years of expertise developing energy-efficient HVAC systems under supervision of his academic supervisor in Simon Fraser University. AYO recognizes the potential in the academic team to develop the smart home control system. In continuation of the previous year-long collaboration, AYO and SFU will develop and bring the next generation of the product to the market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Majid Bahrami


Mohammad Ali Fayazbakhsh


AYO Smart Home


Engineering - mechanical






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