Developing Intelligent Strategies for Factories of the Future – New approaches for high performance control, modelling, and inspection

This project encompasses various sub-projects aimed at developing enhanced approaches that will facilitate higher performing machines, geared towards enabling the concept of factories of the future (FOF). While this concept is established, research on new approaches that facilitate FOF are still early. The project conducts research on several sub-projects that include machine learning based robotic inspection and control, an intelligent part cooling scheme for injection molding, an order reduction approach for feature extraction and advanced control, and a model-free scheme for controlling challenging dynamics. All of these sub-projects will be targeted to industry via the industrial partner. The partner is one of the early global organizations implementing FOF methods to its clients. Its success is founded on executing research for continuous development on its intelligent software and hardware platforms. The partner will benefit on the integration of these new approaches that will filter to its clients resulting in higher efficiencies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rickey Dubay


Songtao Zhang;Edward Parrott;Ryan Finn;Meaghan Charest-Finn


Eigen Innovations Inc.


Engineering - mechanical



University of New Brunswick



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