Development and evaluation of a liquid desiccant membrane dehumidifier for Canadian greenhouses.

This project is going to develop and evaluate the performance of a noble dehumidifier. The design of that dehumidifier (SPLD unit) is already done by Nortek’s research group and submitted for the patent. The assembly of parts and lab testing of that SPLD unit will done during this project time. After lab testing, if all expected features are ensured, the unit will be installed in Greenhouse C. The initial control strategy will be made according to the previous environmental data. The data will be taken during running time of the unit and the control strategy will be modified. Finally, after analysing those data, the performance evaluation and comparisons are done in terms of energy, economy and environment as described in methodology. This performance evaluation of new technology will introduce a new era in greenhouse sector by providing an authentic information to all greenhouse growers as they can use this more beneficial technology to make more profit from their greenhouses.

Faculty Supervisor:

Huiqing Guo


Md Sazan Rahman


Nortek Air Solution Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy




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