Development of a simulation-based tool to predict the aerodynamic loads on heavy duty trucks

Agility Fuel Systems manufactures fuel systems for converting heavy-duty trucks from diesel fuel to compressed natural gas. The system components are typically situated between the cab and the trailer or along the sides of the truck. Because natural-gas components are typically larger than their conventional counterparts, the converted trucks may experience a larger aerodynamic drag, which decreases its fuel efficiency. The proposed research project will provide Agility Fuel Systems a simulation-based tool to predict the aerodynamic footprint of a truck equipped with a natural-gas fuel system. Interns will develop a three-dimensional parameterized computer model of the vehicle and a numerical simulation tool to predict the aerodynamic loads. The tool will be used to gauge the performance of such trucks and optimize the shape and placement of Agility Fuel Systems’ components. The project will improve the cost-effectiveness of Agility’s natural-gas conversion system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen O'Leary


Behzad Baghapour


Agility Fuel Systems




Automotive and transportation


University of British Columbia



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