Development of novel electrospun nanofibrous membrane incorporating cellulose nanocrystals for wastewater treatment.

The proposed research project aims at developing a novel nanofibrous membrane incorporating cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) for wastewater treatment. Sustainable nanomaterials such as CNCs possess many interesting properties like high specific surface area, good mechanical strength, biodegradability and large amount of primary hydroxyl groups for surface functionalization. Hence incorporation of these CNCs can have synergistic effects on the membrane performance. Nanofibrous membranes can be created by electrospinning of polymers and CNCs incorporated into these nanofibres can be surface functionalized with noble metal nanoparticles or monolayer protected quantum nanoclusters to improve their sensitivity and selectivity to contaminants in water. Thus the proposed project will help in creating a novel wastewater treatment platform based on sustainable nanomaterial and an initiation of a successful international collaboration between prof. Michael Tam’s research group at University of Waterloo and Prof. Pradeep’s research group at IIT Madras.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael K.C. Tam


Nishil Mohammed



Engineering - chemical / biological



University of Waterloo



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