Development of Software Algorithms for Efficient Acquisition and Mining of Hyperspectral Imaging Data

For project, the intern will assist with the development of a new software package for a product line of hyperspectral imaging devices for Channel Systems Inc, a developer of technologies for scientific and industrial imaging and measurement. The general purpose of this research is to implement mathematical, statistical, and chemometric tools as software algorithms in order to enhance quality of data and explore both qualitative and quantitative information contained in the hyperspectral data sets. The proposed research is two-fold. First, the intern will develop and test calibration methods to reduce hardware impacts such as light intensity and optical distortion based on photonics statistics and diffraction optics. Secondly, the intern will take part in developing algorithms for the purpose of isolating and extracting specific chemical constituents. The developed software will help visualization of chemical constituents and simplifies tasks for further feature extraction and classification.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jitendra Paliwal


Wenbo Wang


Channel Systems Inc.




Information and communications technologies


University of Manitoba



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