Digital Inclusion: Improving access to online health information for people with complex chronic conditions

There are increasing numbers of people living with complex chronic health conditions in Canada. In order to manage their health and continue to live meaningful lives, these individuals and their families need relevant, useful information. Most online information is not delivered with this population in mind. The goal of this study is to examine the online experience of people with complex chronic conditions to develop accessible ways to deliver digital information to this group. The Health Gateway site will be a test case for the implementation of these strategies.

Working with researchers from Bridgepoint, graduate students from the Inclusive Design program at OCAD University will use participatory and user-centered design methods to encourage collaboration among end-users, designers and researchers and achieve project goals. Findings will support appropriate delivery of online health resources that suit end-user needs and abilities and promote the well being of people living with complex chronic conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jutta Treviranus


Sarah Crosskey, Lester Leung, Angela Punshon


Gravity Ltd.



Life sciences


OCAD University



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