Economic Analysis to Determine Gaps and Challenges Experienced by Women Owned Businesses in York Region and Simcoe County

This research will investigate needs that women entrepreneurs in York Region and Simcoe County have that, if addressed, could strengthen the success of these businesses, with a particular focus on smaller companies. We will examine cultural, industry, sociological and competency factors that influence the performance of women-owned businesses and self-employed women from an economic standpoint, with a particular focus on productivity and profitability of women-owned businesses. This research is related to findings of the Canadian Taskforce for Women’s Business Growth, which found that existing women-focused small business programs and policies, while successful, are often limited to geographic regions or they emphasize start-up rather than growth. This research will connect with and support a broader research project to map out the ecosystem supporting women business owners in the target region and will enable the partner organization to develop business sustainability assessment instruments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tammy Schirle


Huijie Guo


Biz-Zone Internet Group Inc.




Information and communications technologies


Wilfrid Laurier University



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