Effect of Diesel Exhaust Exposures on the Respiratory Microbiome in COPD Airways

Some of the bacteria present in healthy lungs protect the lung against harmful germs. Studies have shown that people with lung diseases often lack these “good” bacteria in their lungs. Our team has been demonstrated that breathing polluted air causes lung inflammation, which can make it hard to breathe, especially for people who have lung diseases. We think that polluted air could change the lungs’ bacteria. To understand this, we will examine samples collected during a controlled human exposure to DE or filtered air (as a control) to evaluate the effect of polluted air on the lungs’ bacteria and lungs’ health. The Mitacs fellowship will help me in positioning myself as an expert at the intersection of environmental exposures and the airway microbiome, provides the support and guidance necessary for my transition to becoming an independent principal investigator and professor at one of the top Canadian universities. This study will contribute to the BC Lung Association’s mission of improving the respiratory health of British Columbians.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christopher Carlsten


Illiassou Hamidou Soumana


British Columbia Lung Association





University of British Columbia



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