Evaluation of Durable Hydrocarbon-Based Proton Exchange Membrane for Fuel Cell Applications

This MITACS project aims to investigate the durability of IONOMR’s PEMIONTM membranes in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)-based fuel cells for automotive applications and explore their usage as the PEM in PEM-based fuel cells. Specific test conditions and protocols for use at IONOMR based on industry standards will be developed and the materials will be benchmarked against current state-of the art materials in order to prioritize development efforts and aid in customer adoption efforts. IONOMR will benefit from access to specialized equipment available at UBC in addition to expertise in regards to the testing and optimization of PEM fuel cell solutions provided through the Wilkinson lab.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Wilkinson


Lius Daniel


Ionomr Innovations Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Fuel cells


University of British Columbia



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