Evaluation of Online Urban Futures Survey for Metro Vancouver

This project will expand upon the underlying research conducted with the 2012 Urban Futures Survey of Greater Vancouver. The intern will evaluate a survey that was the third similar survey approximately 20 years apart to inform planning policies in the Metro Vancouver region. The last survey, in 2012, used an online consultation platform instead of the previous face-to-face and/or telephone methods. This technology utilized was the PlaceSpeak public participation GIS, which authenticated respondents online to their physical address. The resulted survey produced a large amount of data that needs to be analyzed and interpreted. The intern will draw conclusions and possibly find new groups that might find the gathered data useful. Also, the intern will examine the survey methodology and in particular the sample size and confidence levels required for contemporary online survey techniques. At the end of the internship, a bulletin is to be produced and publicized, summarizing the findings of the survey and also generate an OpEd essay and other materials for publication in local newspapers and professional journals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Meg Holden


Jacint Simon




Urban studies


Media and communications


Simon Fraser University



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