Evaluation of Solar Technologies Combined with Insulated Wall Panel and Air Source Heat Pump

Hot summers and cold winters present a significant challenge for affordable housing. Effective utilization of solar energy for thermal comfort provides an environmentally sustainable solution to reduce utility bills. The objective of this research project is to investigate alternative solar technologies that can be combined with a thermal energy storage system and air source heat pump to provide an energy efficient and cost-effective solution for affordable housing. The proposed thermal energy storage system will be contained within insulated expanded polypropylene (EPP) wall panel system. EPP wall panels exhibit superior mechanical properties and thereby enable the assembly of full-sized walls in a factory environment. Factory built wall, floor and roof panelized systems provide a significant financial benefit to the construction of affordable housing. The proposed research project is a multi-stage project from concept design to prototype evaluation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amir Aliabadi


Mojtaba Ahmadi-Baloutaki


Blue Valley Building Corporation




Construction and infrastructure


University of Guelph



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