Evidence-informed Planning and Evaluation of Community Transitions: Impact on Health and Quality of Life

St.Amant is an organization that offers services to support individuals with developmental disabilities. Many of St.Amant’s services are shifting to provide the most inclusive, supportive, community-based services with the intention of enhancing health, access to healthcare, and quality of life of persons served and that of their families and caregivers. One of the current service changes is transitioning 75 individuals from River Road Place (RRP) to a variety of community-based residences. In this study, we aim to track and share the progress made, so that this information can inform current social and health policy for all Manitobans living with an intellectual/developmental disability (IDD). We will support the St.Amant’s service transitions by reviewing what evidence and best practices currently exist and ensuring this information is then shared with St.Amant staff, who are planning the changes. A process for evaluating community transitions will be established so that we can track ongoing progress.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahin Shooshtari


Soroush Khoeiniha


St. Amant Foundation




Medical devices




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