Feasibility Evaluation Study of LifeguardMobile (designed for supported self-management of patients with chronic and complex conditions) – Year two

“Lifeguard Health Networks Inc. (LHN) has developed a secure Virtual Health Assistant application (app), to enhance supported self-management for patients with chronic and complex conditions, by leveraging their network of trusted family and friends, under the direction and guidance of health practitioners.We are conducting a study to evaluate the feasibility of the app and the level of user engagement with this form of supported self-management. This is a non-randomized, interventional study having both objective and self-reported outcome measures. A mixed method design will be used to collect data (in-depth interviews, group discussions, surveys, and analytics from the electronic tool) throughout the course of the study.Our hypothesis is that strengthening a patient’s social network will lead to better patient treatment adherence and better health outcomes at a lower cost to the healthcare system. The study will inform LHN of the app’s feasibility and level of adoption, and provide recommendations.”

Faculty Supervisor:

Hannah Wong


Lora Appel


Lifeguard Health Networks Inc.




Medical devices




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