Forestry Industry Sustainable Practices and Collaboration in the Howe Region

While the partner organization for this project is the Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative Society (HSBRIS), the intent of this project is to concurrently benefit Forestry companies working in the Howe Sound and Canadians as a whole as we strive in our commitment to the UNSDGs.
Bioshpere regions are mandated to promote SDGs, educate, and foster collaboration to make the region more sustainable. This project will directly help the HSBRIS fulfil these goals by bringing together stakeholders in the forest industry to learn about SDGs, share best practices and encourage collaboration to solve sustainability challenges. The Intern will compile a directory of Forestry Companies (harvesting, trucking, sorting, booming and silviculture) working in the Howe Sound Biosphere region, then gather information on best practices and industry challenges. Results and knowledge will be shared with all participants through stories of best practices, a formal report and an opportunity to gather socially (following COVID protocols).

Faculty Supervisor:

Jane Raycraft


Alysha Monk


The Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative Society






Capilano University



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