Geo-spatial Data Mining Applications in Marketing

The project will develop methods for constructing profiles and predictive models for geo-spatial data. The socio-demographic profile will be developed for the geographical areas of interest. In addition, the models will be developed to identify areas with high potential; for acquiring new customers. The targeting of these areas may be conducted through unaddressed direct mail. Methods of testing effectiveness of marketing campaign and predictive models will be developed. With the help of the company the intern will use geo-spatial data and statistical software (SAS, etc) to develop programming code that generates geo-profiles and predictive models. He will also use the software to construct maps to visualize profiles and models. Intern will evaluate different approaches to constructing profiles and models and will recommend the best solutions.This project is in partnership with GEOIDE.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Charles Dugas


Sylvain Pannetier-Lebeuf


Fido Solutions




Finance, insurance and business


Université de Montréal



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