Growing healthy bodies: The development of a healthy body score-card for Canadian children and youth

This project represents the initial step in a larger project, the development of a “Healthy Body Scorecard” which will allow for more comprehensive and holistic approach to measurement and classification of health in children. This particular project will involve an in depth review of current literature in order to identify the various forms of health measurement and the factors and behaviors associated with each. This project as a whole will be of significant benefit to the Sandbox Project and McDonalds Restaurants of Canada, the industry partner for this research. The Sandbox Project is a not for profit organization that is designed to improve the health of Canadian children. The Sandbox Project brings together industry partners, government, academics, policy makers and community members. The industrial partners involved include leading companies such as McDonalds Canada, Telus, Microsoft, General Mills among others. This project directly addresses the stated goals of the Growing Healthy Bodies group within the Sandbox project as well as the individual industry partners. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Linda Miller


Ian Patton


Sandbox Project


Human physical performance and recreation


Sports and recreation


Western University



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