Identification of Protein Targets for a Proprietary Antibody Generation Technology

Amorfix Life Sciences has had success producing highly specific antibodies, which can be used to diagnose disease. The company has recently gained access to an algorithm (ProMISTM) which allows to predict antibody targets on proteins in their diseased state, allowing development of very specific antibodies with diagnostic and therapeutic potential. The proposed project involves a comprehensive approach of identifying suitable protein targets involved in disease for the new algorithm by extensive database and market report mining. Subsequently, the putative targets will be evaluated based on scientific evidence and the business merit of the potential therapeutic. This meticulous evaluation of the first targets for ProMISTM is critical for the validation of the technology and expanding Amorfix’ pipeline of therapeutically relevant antibodies. Thus, the proposed project has clear benefit to the partner organization

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Leigh Revers


Misha Nossov


Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd.






University of Toronto



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