Improved prediction models for concrete confined with various composites: experimental and numerical investigation

The proposed research project will investigate the damaged and undamaged concrete columns of different aspect ratio confined with various types of FRP composites under repeated compression loading. From the observed data, the load-deformation hysteresis of the specimens will be correlated to numerical models and a generalized constitutive model will be proposed. Durability study will be also conducted on various types of FRP-confined circular concrete columns under severe environmental exposure, for example, wetting/drying and freeze-thaw cycles. A comparative seismic performance evaluation will be carried out on bridge piers confined with different confinement techniques. A life cycle cost analysis (LCA) will be conducted for the selection of optimal and cost effective retrofitting techniques in terms of both cost and performance through multi-criteria optimization. Based on the limitation of the existing design guidelines for FRP strengthened columns under repeated loading, a new design guidelines will be proposed for FRP confined concrete columns. Moreover, the research team will assist POLYRAP to integrate the developed tool into POLYRAP’s in-house information management system. The supporting organization will significantly benefit through this research as this study will help them develop new businesses that align within their expertise.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shahria Alam


Anantray Parghi


POLYRAP Pavement System Ltd.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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