Industrial Health and Safety Data Management and Training Mobile Platform

Accidents can be predicted and avoided with the use of health and safety data management software. (Guzman 2013) While a variety of IT health and safety management solutions have been developed for Fortune 500 companies, few of these solutions meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. One that does is Business2Mobile’s (B2M) Web API Data Management platform, which can help small and medium size companies to keep track of health and safety data. This research will help to measure market size and competitors, and will identify gaps within the marketplace. The project scope is to analyze market scenarios and trends, give recommendations and develop a market penetration strategy. Intern will use different research methodologies, including internet research, interviews, surveys, and case studies, to collect information that will assist B2M in improving their products and services. Further, they will benefit from the strategic plan intern develops, which will have recommendations for the expansion of their products and services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Terrance Power


Chiragkumar Khasia


Business 2 Mobile Communications Inc.




Information and communications technologies


Royal Roads University



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