Innovative Game-Based Rehabilitation Platform for children with motor and cognitive impairments due to neuro-developmental disorders and acquired brain injuries

We have developed an innovative computer-aided, game-based platform for rehabilitation. The platform includes an embedded automated assessment subsystem, which provides electronic measures of fine and gross motor skills and specific psychomotor skills. The primary objective of this research project is to evaluate the test-retest reliability and convergent validity of the standardized assessment subsystem embedded into our game-based rehabilitation platform. A second objective will be to organize and start an exploratory randomized clinical trial, which will evaluate the feasibility and benefits of the game-based rehabilitation program on manual dexterity skills in the children with cerebral palsy. We expect the research to yield a broad spectrum of validated electronic records of upper extremity function, a host of engaging, high quality exercises, and therapeutic game design principles which can be used to enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs. In addition, we aim to identify specific child and environmental characteristics associated with effective use of this type of technology. We expect this initial research program to develop into a fruitful and prosperous long-term collaborative research program between our respective University departments. Importantly we hope to become competitive for major National and International (Canada-India) funding opportunities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tony Szturm


Anuprita Kanitkar






University of Manitoba


Globalink Research Award

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