Integrated Resource and Energy Recovery System from Organic Slurries.

This is the first time that leading edge technologies are being put together: a microwave (MW) treatment process, a struvite crystallizer and an anaerobic digester, as a total manure treatment system for typical dairy farm operations. The new 915 MHz microwave unit will provide efficient nutrient solubilization and the resulting solution is suitable for generating struvite (fertilizer). Due to the efficient breakdown of solids particulates by the MW process, methane production via anaerobic digestion will be highly efficient with reduced digester footprint and huge savings in capital cost. This project will provide an opportunity for Opus DaytonKnight to penetrate and lead in the provision of waste management services within the agricultural sector in North America. Opus DaytonKnight will be benefitted by being suitably positioned in the market place to provide added value by energy and nutrient recovery from agricultural waste streams through transfer of knowledge from their municipal and institutional ties.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victor Lo


Asha Srinivasan


Opus DaytonKnight Ltd.


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia



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