International Sales and Service Assessment Model for the C-130 Aircraft

Cascade Aerospace has developed an industry leading competency around the C-130 military transport aircraft through their relationship with the Canadian Air Force. They would like to market these service support skills, modification competencies, and refurbished aircraft to foreign militaries. Cascade does not currently possess a working plan or model to accomplish the difficult task of determining who their potential customers will be. By partnering with MITACS, Cascade is getting access to resources normally reserved for academic endeavors as well as the skills of a student with the relevant graduate level work in both strategic and defence matters with a Master’s in War Studies as well as a being a current MBA student, both highly relevant fields for this project. By utilizing the most up-todate analysis of the political, social, economic, and defence needs of potential customers, a working model to facilitate selection of nations will be created. These nations will then be further analyzed using a framework derived from the selection criteria to assess the implications of a business relationship with that nation and whether it is feasible. This will allow Cascade to have a working system to simplify a complicated landscape in which to navigate.

Faculty Supervisor:

Colleen Collins


Matthew Harris


Cascade Aerospace




Aerospace and defense


Simon Fraser University



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