Is the Comprehensive Assessment of Psychopathic Personality-Institutional Rating Scale Suitable for Use at Correctional Facilities?

Although a large number of inmates are estimated to have personality disorders (primarily antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy), mental health screening and treatment programs in correctional facilities rarely focus on maladaptive personality patterns. Given that the effectiveness of mental health screening has great implications for the safety of staff and inmates, as well as for treatment outcomes, it is crucial to address the feasibility of incorporating screening for personality disorders into existing procedures. This study will evaluate the psychometric properties of a newly developed measure of psychopathy – the CAPP-IRS: Staff Rating Scale – intended for use by staff at secure institutions. Participants will be correctional officers (COs) and inmates from Corrections, BC. Inmates will be interviewed and asked to fill out questionnaires; COs will rate the inmates on the CAPP-IRS: Staff Rating Scale. To evaluate the construct validity of the CAPP-IRS: Staff Rating Scale, the relationship between the CAPP domains and the five factor model of personality will be examined. Further, to evaluate inter-rater reliability, two COs will be asked to rate each offender that has been interviewed. This study will determine whether the CAPP-IRS is in fact suitable for assessment of psychopathy, and whether it could enhance the mental health screening process at correctional facilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kevin S. Douglas


Natalia L. Nikolova


BC Ministry Public Safety and Solicitor General





Simon Fraser University



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