Linking the eco-systems of Montreal’s aerospace and ICT/AI clusters: Implications for Innovation

The purpose of this project is to map the networking structure of Montreal’s aerospace and ICT/AI clusters, and most importantly, the linkages that exist between these two clusters. As the global Aerospace industry continues to embrace digitization, Canadian Aerospace industry needs to act fast to hold a leading position in the international market. Montreal hosts the third largest Aerospace cluster in the world, Aéromontreal, and a booming artificial intelligence cluster that is quickly becoming a world leader. Montreal has recently attracted a lot of public and private investment in its technological sectors, notably in artificial intelligence segment. This project will help to analyze existing complementarities between the two clusters and potential for new opportunities with structural wholes to be filled in. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Ekaterina Turkina


Nasrin Sultana





Aerospace and defense




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