Looking at the Physical and Psychosocial Outcomes of an After-School Physical Activity Intervention for Children with Congenital Heart Disease

The research intern will be working with Sportball to offer one of their multi-sport after-school programs to children who are living with serious heart defects. Physical activity has many health benefits for children, and after-school programs are an effective way to increase daily physical activity levels. Children living with heart disease are a vulnerable group who don’t regularly participate in physical activity, putting them at risk of developing chronic diseases later in life. The goal of this research is to look at the impact of the multi-sport after-school physical activity program on the overall fitness and quality of life of children living with heart disease. The internship will give Sportball evidence-based results, increasing the value and credibility of what they have to offer as an organization and who they are as a brand.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patricia Longmuir


Angelica Blais


Sportball Ltd




Medical devices


University of Ottawa



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