Mapping Ontario’s NanoTechnology Industry

The purpose of this research project is to collect data on the actors with an interest in nanotechnology – including suppliers, users, researchers, associations and others in order to better understand the networks of innovation and to support NanoOntario’s efforts to facilitate the development of innovation networks and advance nanotechnology. Ontario companies and researchers have made many advances in nanotechnology without explicit policies to support its development, but no one has a real grasp of those advances and no one is ensuring that the advantages of synergies among them are realized to make Ontario truly competitive on the world stage. Whether it is auto or aerospace, pharmaceuticals or agro-foods, steel or composite materials, crop protection or advanced adhesives, electronic circuitry or leading edge ink, no sector that matters to the prosperity of Ontario will succeed in the 21st century without nano innovations. The results of this study will enable better connections between those with nano expertise and facilities on one hand, and those in need of such on the other. Only with a well functioning NanoOntario network can the fragmentation in Ontario’s nanotechnology community be eliminated, and the promise of this enabling technology be realized in the province.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Wendy Cukier & Dr. Krishnan Venkatakrishnan


Judit Langhammer




Engineering - mechanical




Ryerson University



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