Micro-Histories of Transnational Humanitarian Aid: Co-Creation of Knowledge, Policy, and Education Materials

This project will involve the research and production of micro-histories of non-profit humanitarian organizations based in Canada. By examining small moments in the foundation and work of these organizations, our goal is to contribute to a better understanding of the role of Canadian civil society organizations in international humanitarian programs. Our partners work in a variety of sectors (from refugees to resource extraction-based violence) and in a variety of countries (from Lebanon to DR Congo). By partnering for MITACS Accelerate, we will be able to fund high level research that explores how work in these seemingly disparate contexts influences and informs one another while strengthening Canada’s role as a humanitarian nation. The ultimate goal is that these micro-histories will provide the foundation for policy development work at a national level as well as operational work at the organizational level.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dominique Marshall


Helen Kennedy


World University Service of Canada




Other services (except public administration)


Carleton University



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