Mining of population-based routinely collected health data to determine risk factors associated with pediatric morbidity in Ontario, Canada

ICES is a non-profit organization tasked with housing and conducting research of Ontario’s health administrative data. Data is available on all legal residents of Ontario, Canada most populous province. In addition, these health administrative data are being supplemented with data from other sources, such as maternal and newborn clinical data, newborn screening data, and immigration data. The rate of immune-mediated disease (such as Type 1 diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease) is increasing rapidly in Ontario children. Most of this increased risk is thought to be secondary to environmental factors. This study will use advanced data mining methods to determine early-life environmental, sociodemographic, and clinical risk factors of chronic diseases in Ontario children. This will be the first study to use data mining techniques on Canadian health administrative data. ICES will benefit in terms of establishing new methods and research processes that will allow for advanced assessment of health data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bijan Raahemi


Mohammad Hossein Tekieh


Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences




Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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