Modelling Guidance for Low Impact Development Practices

To combat the degradation of receiving water resulting from stormwater runoff approaches that focus on retaining and infiltrating stormwater at the source, referred to as Low Impact Development (LID) practices, are being proposed more frequently in recent years. Toronto and Region Conservation Authority recently initiated monitoring of precipitation and runoff from a large industrial site, comprised of several buildings and extensive paved areas, in which several LID practices have been constructed: rainwater harvesting system, biofilters, vegetated swales and porous pavement. The main objective of this project is develop guidance for modelling of these lot-level structural LID techniques utilizing the information collected though this ongoing monitoring program. The study will confirm the original site design, evaluate potential retrofit opportunities and generate modelling guidance to support TRCA’s efforts in facilitating planning, design and approval of LID practices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Darko Joksimovic &James Li


Thomas Tiveron


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


Ryerson University



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