Multi-Physics Modeling and Characterization of Thin-Film Piezoelectric-Layered Polymer Composites under Mechanical Loading

Thin-film piezoelectric-layered polymer composites have shown a great potential for different applications such as micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), mechanical energy harvesters, and security devices. This research proposes a comprehensive modeling and experimental characterization for understanding the electro-mechanical behavior of thin-film and flexible piezoelectric-layered polymeric structures under various mechanical loadings. The first phase of this project focuses on the modeling and simulation of the behavior of the targeted structure based on finite element analysis using COMSOL Multiphysics® software. Considering the simulation outcomes, the second phase of the research deals with the experimental characterization of the structure and validation of results for practical application of the system. The results of the research will be useful for the design, development, and optimization of various micro-electro-mechanical systems, structural condition monitoring setups, soft sensing devices, and security systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hani Naguib


Zia Saadatnia


Bank of Canada


Engineering - mechanical




University of Toronto


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