Next-generation sequencing for the analysis of antibody development in vaccinated rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and in a humanized rat (Rattus norvegicus OmniRat) model.

ImmunoPrecise antibodies is a company that specialized in the production of custom antibodies, the Y-shaped molecules produced by living things to defend itself from infection. Their ability to recognize and bind to specific targets allows for their use in diverse scientific analyses where their specificity of binding is manipulated to allow for localization and/or isolation of specific targets. Using next-generation sequencing the sequence that produces these molecules can be determined and they can be made synthetically decreasing the cost and time required for their production as well as increasing the number of different antibodies that can be produced in the same timeframe.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephanie Willerth


Cuong Hieu Le


Immuno-Precise Antibodies


Engineering - mechanical


Life sciences




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