Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Aero-Engines

Aero-engines are lightweight structures which are assembled of several thin walled cylindrical components (casings). Casings are joined by bolted flanges, and must withstand high forces. To accurately predict the response of casings assembly, the non-linear behavior of the casing joints must be considered. Currently, aero-engine manufacturers (i.e PWC) are facing serious limitations in matching the experimental results with FE models prediction tools of the aero-engine. The cause of the discrepancy originates from the disregard of the nonlinear behavior at the bolted flange interface in the FE models. Using analytical prediction tools, a full aero-engine model will be developed, while considering the non-linear dynamic behavior of the bolted flange joints. A nonlinear bolted flange model will be developed that is as accurate as possible yet computationally efficient for implementation in the full aero-engine FE model. The validity of the developed nonlinear bolted flange model will be experimentally verified.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kamran Behdinan


Seyed-Ehsan Mir-Haidari


Pratt & Whitney Canada




Aerospace and defense




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