Parallel Radiofrequency Transmission Technology for Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 3 Tesla – Year two

Funds are requested for one fellow to work in the laboratory of Dr. Simon Graham at Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, in partnership with Siemens Healthcare Limited. The fellow will work on development of prototype instrumentation that will enable a technique called “parallel radiofrequency transmission (PTX)” to be implemented flexibly for research purposes on a Siemens 3 T MRI system at the Institute. The fellow will also support preliminary testing of the instrumentation towards the long-term goal of developing robust new PTX approaches for safe imaging of patients with implanted medical devices, such as deep brain stimulators, without tissue damage caused by localized heating effects. The fellow will also undergo Siemens training and skills development to support the breadth of MRI technology research ongoing at the Institute. At the end of term, the fellow will be in an excellent position to apply to become an MRI Collaboration Scientist at Siemens.

Faculty Supervisor:

Simon Graham


Pei-Shan Wei


Siemens Healthcare Ltd.




Medical devices




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