Performance of Micropiles System

The methodology assigned for this research depends on two primary elements; field load test on hollow thread bar – self drilled- micropiles and numerical analysis using 3D FEM. The aims of this research program is to capture the actual behavior, load transfer mechanism, ground/grout bond strength, and modes of failure of single micropiles and micropile groups under different types of loading. A site investigation is required for the field tests. The field load tests are characterized by heavy geotechnical instrumentation for the tested micropiles. The research will examine the efficiency of the hollow B7X Williams Geo-Drill bars and the corr espondingscarified drill bit for such application. Correlating the field test results with numerical analysis would provide the pilling engineering industry with a documentary and reliable theoretical solution to design the hollow bar micropiles system for varies application. The potential results of this research will allow designers/contractors of micropiles to use the hollow bar micropiles foundations on larger scales than it has been used nowadays.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. M. Hesham El Naggar


Ahmed Yehia Abd Elaziz


Williams Form Engineering Corp.




Mining and quarrying


Western University



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