Plasma Surface Modification for Passive Microfluidic Immunoassays

Sensoreal’s patented technology allows them to perform complicated laboratory health testing procedures on a plastic microchip the same size as a credit card. The testing is done through the use of passive microfluidics, in much the same way as trees transport water to their leaves. A blood sample is placed in the loading port of the microchip and allowed to pass through the different regions of the device. Doing so reproduces the procedures that a blood sample would go through when tested in a laboratory, however the whole process takes place in only 30 minutes. To make this technology work, the surface of the chip needs to be specially treated so that the blood flows through the entire chip. This research project will ensure that the microchip works perfectly every time, to ensure the most accurate blood tests possible.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault


Evelyne Kasparek


Sensoreal Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Life sciences




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